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Lotsa Music Festival

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Rusty Soul Band

Rusty Soul Band blends genres to offer a unique sound that is at the same time fresh and familiar. A deep-pocket bass-and-drum backbeat pours the foundation. Two pure and powerful guitars meld different yet complementary tones to provide a unified wall of sound. Soulful voices provide the character and identity that makes it all work. They call it Blue-Collar Rock-N-Roll. Fans of classic 4-on-the-floor rock, southern rock, r&b and even country/western music will find something to like.

RSB formed in 2015 originally as an updated version of Canton’s Sweet Spot, who had gone through a number of lineup changes over the years. Sweet Spot vocalist Leslie Blanc and guitarist Steve Stanley teamed with bassist Gabe McGranahan, guitarist Eric Barnes and drummer Billy Shears in a plan to rejuvenate Sweet Spot. But after a few practice sessions it was clear this was a new band moving in a new direction. Blanc, who had worked hard to build the Sweet Spot brand, made the difficult decision to abandon the name in favor of a fresh identity for this new musical project. Bassist Matt Warner joined the band in October 2016.

RSB’s music draws comparisons to early 70s rock, heavy on the guitar with Blanc and Stanley’s vocals out front belting melodic hooks. The lyrics cover territory of the everyman. There’s plenty of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, but there’s deeper content as well, including exploring the plight of the rust belt, where Rusty Soul Band calls home.

Despite the obvious 70s influences, RSB isn’t simply a nostalgia act. There’s a modern flavor peppered in the mix that creates a hint of familiarity that packages the band’s music in a way that sounds brand new.

Rusty Soul Band is currently booking shows, as well as writing new material for an upcoming release.

Leslie Blanc: Vocals, Blues Harp | Steve Stanley: Guitar, Vocals | Eric Barnes: Guitar | Billy Shears: Drums | Matt Warner: Bass